American Web Development in a Global Economy

Without a doubt, the economy has gone global. A copywriter in Costa Rica can deliver a white paper to a client in Belgium who in turn compiles that into a package for a company in the UK. Web development is no different.

At K2 Creative Digital, we work exclusively with American talent: no outsourcing, ever. Here are a few of the reasons we do this:

Successful Web Development Requires Effective Communication

Websites are all about communication. We build them to send a message, generate leads, drive sales and create a virtuous feedback loop with clients, customers and users. Making an effective website isn’t easy, and every project deserves the attention of people who really speak the language of the audience in question. In our case, as we work principally with clients in North America (and some in Europe), that language is English, and while developers abroad often have a command of the language, rarely can they match the competence, nuance and cultural grasp brought by native speakers.

This matters, not only for effectiveness during the project phase but all through the development life cycle, from conception through to ongoing maintenance.

Time Zones are a Hassle

If you’re in the middle of a project on a budget (and what project isn’t?) and deadline, time zones can present a real challenge. Working with an American team, you know you’ll be able to reach people during working hours, and typically won’t wake up to overnight messages. This prevents lag and allows your development team to stay efficient and in touch.

Cost Isn’t as Much of a Factor as You Might Think

The major reason people outsource their web development is cost, and while you can save money in the near term working with overseas talent, what is often lost in quality, efficiency and accomplished deliverables negates any value you might get. We’ve seen dozens of projects land back with American teams after communication breaks down with overseas developers. Why not save yourself the hassle and work with an onshore development team who will get the job done the first time, and not leave you holding a broken or incomplete website?

If you’re ready to start a new project or onshore your existing web development, design, and management, we’ll be glad to hear from you. Our team is All American, with distributed offices in Saint Paul, Minnesota and around the United States.