9                2


Grand                Forks

This wild settlement, groomed from the

scabrous west, the wild copiousness


Minnesota straddles

The Territory Dakota

each state a leg

astride a glass of spilled


dyed Red

That northbound river, remnant

of the strange Agassiz basin

of iceberg of deep mothering time

deserves no more contemplation

than the tick you scald out an old hound’s shank

Matilda and Johann, Johann und Lizzie

Bound to

A 7%

mortgage on a farm

Typisch, East Prussian immigrants


along the river south of town

sawmill wages, so like the drought before

The plot sold at auction on the courthouse steps

in Crookston

Ach du lieber Himmel, what a name for the county seat.
Crookston! Crookston!
This country is testing our faith.


Holy Moses

another         son

a                fifth

and        one        girl

No runt tho!


Praise be to Gott!

Yet more hands

to do the will of the Lord

In no time
Father scrapes $218.10

to redeem the farm

As the Boy howls

through Mother’s dizzy spells,

to her Lutheran silt


down                 down

And Father returns to work